Our Kitchen

Meat and fish 

India Poort serves meat and fish of the highest quality. Our lamb and chicken is deliciously tender. We prepare the dishes fresh and the meat is marinated with the Indian spices. Then they are prepared in the traditional Tandoor oven.

For the curry lovers we also have meat and fish dishes ranging from sweet to spicy. For the fish lovers we have fresh fish where we prepare delicious curries. Try our Bengali curry Maacher Jhol for example!


Vegetarian and vegan 

For vegetarians and vegans it is often difficult to find a good restaurant. With us, vegetarians and vegans can be excellent. Did you know that many people in India, including Hindus and Buddhists, do not eat meat because of religious considerations? For this reason we have an extensive menu for our vegetarian and vegan guests.

Vegetarian food is very usual within the Indian cuisine. The dishes are made with various kinds of vegetables, such as Bhindi (okra) and Indian cheese (panir).

In addition, we have of course delicious vegetarian and vegan curries. Whether you like sweet or spicy dishes, at India Poort in Hilversum, we will take your taste into account and adapt the dish to your wishes if you wish. We will be happy to help you in the search for the perfect Indian dish!


Lactose and Gluten free

Are you lactose intolerant or do you follow a gluten free diet? Various dishes at India Poort in Hilversum are specially formulated for guests who have lactose or gluten allergies.

Are you fond of curries, but you do not dare to do it because of your intolerance? With us you can enjoy your dinner with peace of mind. Our chef is keen to supervise the dishes that should be lactose or gluten-free. In addition, the staff can help you to compose a complete dinner without lactose or gluten.

In short, at India Poort you can enjoy delicious Indian cuisine, which fits perfectly within your dietary needs. Vegetarians, vegans, muslims, and guests with a gluten allergy or lactose intolerance are offered a fantastic dining experience.


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